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Reflecting on

Decades of

Gorgeous Furniture,

Primo Antiques

and So Many 

Wonderful People


I hope you enjoy this website I have created to take us back in time.  I have not included all my projects over  nearly five decades, but this will give you a taste!  Be sure and check out the "MORE" menu.  To my many friends and co-workers, I would like to thank you for your love and contributions, and just say "Thanks for the Memories"   -JHR


Here's a favorite song of mine called "Dandelion Wine" by Blackmore's Night that sums it all up:


Where has the time seems to fly so fast

One moment you're having fun, the next its come to pass

Days turn into yesteryear, old friends find their own way

Until the moment you leave...I wish that you would stay...


So here's to you, all our friends, surely we will meet again

Don't stay away too long this time

We'll raise a glass, maybe two

And we'll be thinking of you

Until our paths cross again...maybe next time...


Let's laugh at the memories, and talk all afternoon

Let's remember the moments that leave us all too soon

We'll smile at the pictures still lingering in our minds

When you're reminiscing, then all you need is time...


Tracing faded photographs, a scrapbooks lonely charm

Pressed flowers and dreams we had, our fingerprint on time

The 1st moment we ever met, when your eyes met mine...

I remember the summers of Dandelion Wine..

Let me know what you think!

A word about the pictures

Some of the pictures are pretty good quality and some are pretty awful! But I had to work with what I had!

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